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Our 10 minute miracle in  three easy steps 


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Do corresponding exercise


Feel better!

Swift Solutions, Lasting Wellness.

Dive into the ultimate digital oasis for your mind with MindFlics—your go-to destination for instant mental health relief, stress reduction, and total wellbeing. Our vibrant platform thrives on speed and specificity, offering an unparalleled collection of on-demand videos, interactive exercises, and practical tools meticulously designed to uplift, empower, and transform. 


Experience the fusion of rapid relief with deep, enduring wellness. Whether seeking a quick mental reset or embarking on a journey towards comprehensive health, MindFlics delivers. We ensure every client finds what they need—exactly when they need it. 


  • Immediate relief 

  • Cutting-edge knowledge 

  • Round-the-clock access 

  • Discreet & confidential 

  • Accessible on your terms at your convenience 



Where immediate relief meets long-term empowerment — Welcome to MindFlics. 

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Transform stress into strength, right when it matters.

Demo videos

Here you have some samples of our content. Sibscribe now and go deeper into our full programs to start to transform your well-being Now!


Stress prevention




Stay compliant at work.  Complete the certificates and receive a completion diploma in various areas including anger management, appropriate workplace communication, as well as common areas of wellbeing such as Anxiety and Depression, which can interfere with attendance and productivity.  Each module comes with a certificate of completion, and all are included in the annual plan. 


New programs are regularly added to our platform to keep you working towards your best self. 

Our Approach

Give yourself the gift of total wellbeing and watch your life grow into a powerful journey of fullfilment.

Danielle Duran, MA LMFT

Creator of MindFlics


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