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Our Story

MindFlics was created by a dedicated, passionate team of mental health professionals wanting to give people simple, doable tools to greatly decrease stress and increase wellbeing on a daily basis.

We believe that any small step towards wellbeing is a powerful part in your healing journey, and will dramatically increase your satisfaction with life and your part in it.  Join us for daily tips, tricks, and wisdom as we move you towards your best self.  Your mental health will be the best gift you ever give to yourself.

Our Approach

MindFlics is a CBT-based approach to mental health, building skills with small, doable steps which add up to big gains over time.


We tap into each person's reslience, finding new sources of inspiration to keep you moving forward.

Giving a Speech

Meet Our Team


Danielle Duran


Mental health Specialist



Board Member

Empawerment Counselor

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